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Aug. 15, 2018

Home Isn't Selling in Today's Hot Market?

7 Reasons Why Other West Chester and Liberty Townships Homes Selling Before Yours

Date: August 15, 2018


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If you’ve been trying to sell your West Chester or Liberty Township home for a while with no luck, don’t chalk it up to bad market conditions. Truth be told, the local real estate market is still incredibly hot.


So what gives?


Here are 7 reasons why other West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale are selling before yours.


  1. Price. When looking at West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale, many people begin their search by filtering first for price. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to BUY the home with the lowest list price – it just means when comparing homes, they’re going to buy the home that they perceive to be the best value.

    But price is just one indicator. For instance, we recently saw two West Chester homes for sale in the same neighborhood. They were similarly priced, with one priced just $30,000 more than the other. The more expensive home wound up selling in less than a week, while the less expensive home still sits on the market. That comes as no surprise to us. The more expensive home was significantly larger, had a nicer kitchen, a private swimming pool and a fully finished walk-out basement. For just $30,000 more, the buyer could get much more bang for their buck.

  2. Size & Layout. Size matters a lot to buyers, but oftentimes the layout matters even more. Every buyer has a different preference when it comes to the size and layout of a home. Some want an open first floor layout. Others want a smaller, easier-to-maintain single-floor home. So if your neighbor’s West Chester or Liberty Township home sells before yours, it could be due to the size and/or layout of your home.

  3. Location, location, location! It’s the most overuse adage in real estate, but for good reason. Home buyers can demolish a home and rebuild it, but they can never change the location of the lot. For the right price, some buyers don’t mind backing up to a busy road or powerlines running alongside their yard. Others are more selective. Some are even so specific as to wanting a corner lot as opposed to having neighbors on either side (and even behind) them. So while a home may be updated and well-priced, it might sit on the market if the location is perceived as less than desirable to prospective buyers.

  4. Condition & Upgrades. The condition of a home and the upgrades it offers matter greatly to home buyers. If your neighbor has just remodeled their home, there’s a good chance it will sell faster than yours. Major upgrades like a new bathroom, kitchen, roof, appliances and central air conditioning are huge selling points to many of today’s buyers—and many will pay up for these features.


On the flipside, there are buyers looking to tackle a few home renovation projects, and as such, are willing to buy an outdated property. Just be sure to price your home accordingly if you want to lure this pool of buyers.


  1. Access. This is something sellers often overlook. If a buyer can’t see your West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale, they won’t want to buy it! Some sellers inadvertently limit showings to certain days or times, which may or may not work for the buyer and their agent. It’s important to be as flexible as possible when providing access to your home. It’s not always convenient (you really shouldn’t stick around for the showing), but it can help home sell faster. When selling your home, make sure it’s easy for agents to obtain showing instructions and to show it at the buyer’s convenience – not yours.


  1. Marketing.  First impressions are everything, and nowadays, most buyers begin their search of West Chester and Liberty Township real estate online. If your home doesn’t shine in the online listing, it could explain why your neighbor’s home sold well before yours.

    As the seller, you get to choose your listing agent. Make sure they’re putting their best foot forward on your behalf. Are they taking photos with their iPhone, or hiring a professional real estate photographer? Is the description of your home compelling? Is spelling accurate? These factors can influence how quickly a home sells.

  2. Motivating Factors. You might not realize that your neighbors are getting divorced and need to sell their home, or that one of them has accepted a job offer in another town and they need to relocate ASAP. Sometimes there are specific motivating factors that influence a seller to accept early offers, even if those aren’t the most competitive offers. A seller who is selling out of necessity is often more likely to negotiate toward the buyer’s demands, which is why your neighbor’s home might sell faster than you’d have expected (and faster than yours!). Sometimes there’s more to the story than just price, location, marketing, etc.


If you’re struggling to sell your West Chester or Liberty Township home, give us a call. We’d be happy to provide a free evaluation of your property to gauge why the home hasn’t sold, and provide you with advice about how you might be able to sell it faster. We’re always happy to chat!

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Aug. 9, 2018

August is a Great Month to Buy

5 Reasons Why August is a Great Time to Buy a West Chester or Liberty Township House

Date: August 8, 2018


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Everyone knows that the West Chester and Liberty Township housing market heats up each spring. April through June are really the peak season for home buyers.


That’s because everyone wants to get out of their rentals and into their new homes before the school year starts. Those who are under agreement by June can spend July and August enjoying their summer weekends instead of trekking from open house to open house.


But if you didn’t land the West Chester or Liberty Township home of your dreams earlier this year, there’s still time. In all honesty, August is still a great time to buy.


Here are 5 reasons why August is the perfect month to start shopping for West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale.


  1. There’s less competition. Since the spring market lures homebuyers in droves, there’s less competition from other buyers by the time August rolls around. This is great news for those shopping in today’s hot real estate market. Less competition means fewer bidding wars, and hopefully, better deals to be had!

  2. Sellers have begun to lose the upper hand. Anyone who hasn’t listed their home before August has really lost the upper hand when it comes to negotiations. Many real estate agents agree that late July and August are not a good time to list property for sale.

    “People are busy with vacations and pool parties,” one broker told The Washington Post. “home buying is not on the front line for most people. We are a four-season area, things don’t really slow down. But [there are] some cold spots, and August is one of those times.”

    And those who listed before late July or August? Well, if their property is still sitting on the market, it could mean a lack of interest. Once again, this gives buyers an advantage when trying to buy a West Chester or Liberty Township home in August.

  3. Interest rates have stabilized. Interest rates have steadily climbed over the last year or two, but they’ve finally begun to stabilize. Buying a West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale now is a great option for those looking to maximize their budgets. It’s important to lock in an interest rate now before rates climb in the future—it can equate to hundreds of dollars’ worth of savings on your monthly mortgage payment each month!

  4. Price reductions are common in the late summer. For the reasons mentioned above (fewer buyers, less competition, etc.), people who wait until August to buy a home benefit from recent price reductions. Homeowners really want to avoid trying to sell their homes in the winter, so motivated sellers will usually slash the price in the late summer to move a deal forward.

  5. The school-year scramble doesn’t apply to everyone. Unlike homebuyers who are rushing to purchase a home before the start of the new school year, the school year may not affect your purchasing decision. This allows you to shop around on your timeline, at your pace, and to negotiate offers that work for you and your budget. Young couples and empty-nesters alike are usually able to buy without the school-year schedule in mind. This makes August is a great time to begin shopping around for West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale. Take your time to really find a home you love, without worrying about when little Billy or Jane needs to begin first grade or after school activities. Shop at YOUR speed by searching in August.


Of course, there are many factors to consider when buying a West Chester or Liberty Township home – timing is just one.


If you’re in the market for West Chester or Liberty Township homes, whether your search is just beginning or has been in full swing for months, we’re here to chat about your options. If you’re feeling defeated by missing the springtime market, don’t be! There are still plenty of deals to be had, particularly now that we’re in August. Give us a call to learn more!

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July 31, 2018

Student Debt Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Buy a Home in West Chester and Liberty Township!

Student Debt Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Buy a Home in West Chester and Liberty Township!

Date: July 25, 2018

Student loan debt may be at all-time highs, but that hasn’t deterred people from buying homes for sale in West Chester and Liberty Township! In fact, a recent report shows that nationally, 27 percent of all homebuyers have student loan debt. And first-time buyers? A whopping 40 percent have student loans to their name.


So, how do they do it? How do they keep making monthly loan installments while saving for a down payment or paying a mortgage on their West Chester or Liberty Township home? Here’s how today’s buyers are making it happen.


  • They’re choosing the right loan programs. For West Chester and Liberty Township homebuyers with student loan debt, an FHA loan can be a great option. And both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have made favorable changes to how student loan debt factors into the mortgage qualification. In other words, student loan debt isn’t weighted as heavily as, say, a hefty car payment or outstanding medical bills.

  • They’re getting gifts and co-borrowing. Many homebuyers are choosing to use gift money from family members to pay for the down payment on their new West Chester or Liberty Township home. Others are choosing to co-borrow with a significant other, roommate or family member to increase the income that qualifies toward the mortgage. Both of these help lower the costs of homebuying at the outset.

    But a word of caution: if you’re going to co-borrow with someone, be sure you’re clear about who is paying what each month. If your co-borrower stops paying, you’re on the hook for the full balance.


  • They’re taking advantage of down payment assistance programs. Saving for a down payment is often the hardest part when you’re drowning in student loan debt. Fortunately, there are hundreds of down payment (and closing cost) assistance programs that can help cover these expenses and more. We always recommend talking to your mortgage broker about the different city, state and township-level programs that you may be eligible for. And don’t forget to talk to your employer! If you work for a larger company, they may have a down payment assistance program for you to take advantage of, too!

  • They’re working on their credit. As we’ve mentioned before, having a great credit score means getting a great mortgage rate – and a great mortgage rate makes West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale that much more affordable. See, a lower mortgage rate can save you hundreds of dollars each month (and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your loan!). Today’s homebuyers are boosting their credit scores by paying down their debts, avoiding late payments and watching their credit reports closely.


As they say, where there’s a will there’s a way! And today’s young buyers a proof of that. Student loan debt can be a challenge, but it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. If you’re ready to start shopping for West Chester or Liberty Township homes for sale, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about buying a home while dealing with student loan debt.

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July 25, 2018

How to Build Equity in Your West Chester or Liberty Township Home

How to Build Equity in Your West Chester or Liberty Township Home

Date: July 18, 2018


One of the biggest benefits to buying a West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale is the opportunity to build equity. You’ve probably heard of the concept, “building equity,” but what does that really mean? And why should you want it?


In the simplest terms, equity is the difference between how much your West Chester or Liberty Township home is worth and how much you owe on your mortgage.


If you paid cash for your home, you’d have 100% equity in it.


If you put down 10% when buying your West Chester or Liberty Township home, that’s how much equity you have in the property. So, let’s say you bought a home for $300,000 and put down 10%. You’d have a mortgage balance of $270,000 and equity worth $30,000.


As you continue to pay down the mortgage, you continue to build equity. Eventually, you can draw on that equity to pay off debt, to pay for college, for retirement, or other major expenses. The more equity you have, the easier it is to refinance and take cash out or to take out a home equity line of credit. Your equity is almost like another bank account.


No wonder people love homeownership!


A lot of people often ask us, how can I build MORE equity in my West Chester or Liberty Township home? Here are three options to consider.


First, when you’re shopping around for West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale, consider looking at homes that allow you to make a larger down payment.


If you haven’t bought a home yet, the easiest way to get more equity is to put more money down. And depending on the mortgage loan you choose, this could also lower your monthly payment or eliminate the need for private mortgage insurance, making your home more affordable. Any cost savings can be used to pay down additional principle on your mortgage each month, which helps you build equity faster.


Second, consider upgrading or renovating your home.


Anything that increases the value of your West Chester or Liberty Township home also increases your equity – and the amount you stand to gain when you sell. Just be sure to choose your renovations carefully, as some offer higher returns than others.


Finally, pay down your mortgage faster.


We alluded to this above already. The lower your mortgage balance, the more equity you have, so work on paying down that loan sooner rather than later. Some people opt to make an extra mortgage payment each year, others set aside a few extra hundred dollars each month to put toward each mortgage payment. Another strategy is to make individual, lump sum payments when you have a bit of extra cash laying around (from a bonus at work, tax returns or otherwise).


Already have a good amount of equity in your West Chester or Liberty Township home and want to put it to use? Give us a call today! We’d be happy to chat about your options and discuss strategies for putting your equity to work for you to increase your income. (Hint hint: we love investment properties!)

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July 10, 2018

5 New Reasons to Buy at a Local Country Club

5 New Reasons to Buy a Home at a Local Country Club

Date: July 5, 2018



For many years, Millennials and other young professionals shunned the country club lifestyle. Although there are several beautiful golf courses and country clubs in the West Chester and Liberty Township area, young people haven’t wanted to pay up for the membership.


This trend isn’t exclusive to young people living in or around West Chester and Liberty Township, OH. A 2014 study commissioned by the National Club Association found that club membership was down 20 percent from 1990.


Millennials have good reason for not wanting to shell out for a golf course or country club membership. The fees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year! Who can afford that when they have student loans and other debt hanging over their heads? It certainly makes saving for a mortgage that much more difficult! 


Another reason Millennials have shunned membership is because country clubs often have a stuffy reputation. They’ve historically barred certain races, classes and ethnicities from joining. For lack of a better description, many of these clubs were perceived as an “old boys’ club” for the white, wealthy and older generations.


BUT — that’s all starting to change. Country clubs have made great strides toward becoming more inclusive. Now, several clubs are making a direct appeal to Millennials, many of whom are prospective buyers of the homes located on their premises.


If you’ve shunned the notion of buying a home for sale at a West Chester or Liberty Township country club, here are a few reasons why it may be time to reconsider:


1. Nowadays, you don’t even need to golf. Jeff Morgan, CEO of the Club Managers Association of America, calls today’s country club “a family-centric activity center, with golf as potentially [just] one of the activities or assets or experiences that are offered to members.”


2. Country clubs have started programming really, really fun events. Millennials are experience driven, and have proven willing to pay up for unique experiences versus buying “stuff,” which makes living on a West Chester or Liberty Township country club so much fun nowadays. Besides the standard offerings like tennis and swimming, clubs are adding activities that are a little more social and casual, like burger and beer nights and wine tastings.


3. Country clubs are increasingly placing an emphasis on health and wellness. To draw Millennials, many clubs are starting to feature more non-golf amenities—especially health and wellness options like gyms, personal trainers, and yoga classes. Tradition Golf Club in La Quinta, California, reported that its fitness center had hosted “guest lecturers on a variety of health topics as well as [being] the kickoff point for biking groups, and planned area hikes.”


4. West Chester and Liberty Township country clubs can be a great place to raise a family. Kim Christensen, age 29, knows this first hand. “The majority of my close friends are ones I’ve known since I was five years old at the country club,” she said. “I think belonging to a club allows children to form close friendships that don’t change the way they do in schools, with different classes, teachers, cliques. I also think it instills a level of respect into children from an early age. They learn how to behave and interact with adults earlier.” She doesn’t have kids just yet, but wants to look at homes for sale at a country club for when she does. 


5. Memberships are becoming more affordable than ever. Many golf courses and country clubs are doing away with initiation fees or offering staggered plans to younger generations. For instance, a membership might be 50% less for someone aged 21-30 and 40% less for someone aged 31-40. Some clubs are even offering a free year’s membership in an effort to lure younger adults. As icing on the cake: if you buy a home on a club in the West Chester or Liberty Township area, your membership is often free!


So, are you sold on country club living just yet? If not, we always recommend talking to someone who lives on a country club to get a sense for how they like it. 


If you’re ready to start shopping for country club homes, give us a call! We often come across homes for sale at Wetherington Golf & Country Club right here in West Chester. There are other country clubs and golf communities in the region that we’d be happy to introduce you to as well. As always, no obligation! 


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June 28, 2018

7 Signs it's Time to Sell


7 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your West Chester or Liberty Township Home

Date: June 28, 2018


If you’ve been in your home for a while, you may be wondering if it’s time to sell. The West Chester and Liberty Township real estate markets are hot as ever. This means you can command top dollar if you decide to sell.


But selling is no easy decision. After all, if you decide to sell your home then you need to find a new place to live in this competitive real estate market.


Here are seven signs that now maybe the time to list your West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale.


  1. Your current home feels too small for your family and all of your stuff. If you are feeling cramped on a daily basis, this is usually a pretty good indication that now may be time to sell. Selling your home would allow you to find a new place with more space, more elbow room, and more room for all of your families belongings. Sometimes, it’s not even about square footage. Sometimes home with a different layout feel significantly larger and more comfortable for you and your family.  


  1. Your family size has shrunk. Maybe your kids have gone off to college. Or maybe your parents have moved into a senior living facility. Whatever the case may be, if you have fewer people living in your home, this may be a good time to downsize. On the flipside, maybe you have more people living with you now and do you want to sell so you can buy a larger home.


  1. Your priorities in life have changed. When you initially bought your West Chester or Liberty Township home, you may have felt OK with a longer commute. You may have been OK living farther away from friends and family. But now, maybe your priorities have changed. Maybe it’s more important for you to spend less time in your car and more time face-to-face with friends and family. Conversely, maybe you were OK with a large mortgage payment that now feels unnecessary. Maybe you’d rather Invest that money in your retirement account or spend time traveling the world. As your priorities change, this may impact where you want to live and how much you want to spend on your home.


  1. You work hard and just simply have an itch to scratch. May sound ridiculous but truth of the matter is, a lot of people get bored after a few years and buying a new home can be a sense of excitement. Maybe renovated your home since you initially purchased it and now you’re looking to take on a new series of projects. Buying a new home and making improvements to it can be a great way to build equity in the property. The average homeowner is in their home for seven years. How long have you been in yours? Maybe now is the time to scratch that itch by selling your home and buying one that’s new.


  1. You’re ready to cash out and capitalize on the strength of the West Chester and Liberty Township real estate market. As we said earlier, prices are up. If you’ve owned your home for any length of time, you have probably built some substantial equity in it. Now could be a great time to sell and make a compelling return on your investment.


  1. The home has become too much upkeep. If you find yourself spending the majority of your time mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, or repairing miscellaneous things around the house, it maybe time to think about selling your home. This could be a great time to buy a newer home, or sell your home and use the proceeds to rent an apartment where the upkeep and maintenance will be much more manageable.


  1. Health issues may necessitate a different type of living situation. As people get older, they often find that home with an in-law apartment or an assisted living facility is a great alternative to the home that they currently live in. Along those same lines, as we get older, it can become more difficult to climb up and down multiple sets of stairs. Instead, older Americans often decide to sell their existing homes in favor of one level living.


Are any of these signs speaking to you? If so, give us a call. As the top real estate agents serving the West Chester and Liberty Township areas, we are here to counsel homeowners and provide our best advice as to whether now may be a good time for them to sell.

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June 22, 2018

2 Great Open Houses This Weekend

House Hunting in West Chester or Liberty Township? Be Sure to Check Out These Two Open Houses this Weekend!

Date: June 21, 2018


If you’re looking at homes for sale in West Chester or Liberty Township, Ohio, you’ve probably come to realize that competition is STEEP. Houses are flying off the market in just days.


But don’t lose hope!


We’ve actually got two new listings for homebuyers like you. One is in West Chester, the other is in Liberty Township. The houses are at pretty different price points which means they’ll appeal to a range of buyers. We’re hosting two open houses this weekend, one at each property, to showcase these lovely homes. Attend, and if you decide to buy one of the homes for sale, we’ll treat you with a special gift at closing!


So, with no further ado:


4721 Peak Drive, Liberty Township, Ohio

OPEN HOUSE: June 24th from 12-2pm | View Listing

List Price: $329,500

5 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms

Total Square Feet: 3,200

Subdivision: Logsdon’s Ridge

HOA Fee: $90 per month




Here’s the home you want to buy just in time for summer! Situated on nearly a half-acre lot, this home features an incredible outdoor area with a 20’ x 40’ in-ground pool, a two-tiered wood deck that begs for cabana seating, and concrete patio surrounded by professional landscaping. It’s a recreation area right at your fingertips! Perfect for hosting guests (or not!) well into the fall.


When it gets chilly outside, there’s as much to love about this Liberty Township home for sale inside. There’s amply living space on the first floor, with a fully-finished basement below. Turn this into your home theater, fitness center, or playroom with ease.


This Liberty Township home has been immaculately maintained, but is ready for a new homeowner to come in and add their own personal flair. There are endless ways to add value to this home after you move in, almost ensuring a stable investment for those with a long-term horizon. Don’t hesitate! Make this your home today!


7285 Weatherby Court, West Chester, Ohio

OPEN HOUSE: June 24th from 3-5pm | View Listing

List Price: $849,000

6 Bedrooms, 6 Bathrooms

Total Square Feet: 7,500+

Region: Butler-E12

HOA Fee: $300 per month




Here’s a West Chester home for sale that will make you SWOON! One look inside is all you need to see how carefully designed this home was with craftsmanship on display like none other.


Let’s start in the kitchen. This kitchen looks like it’s right out of a home and garden magazine! The cabinets are a soft, milky color that complements the granite countertops perfectly. Recessed lighting is a nice touch, but nothing in comparison to the two gorgeous chandeliers that hang above the oversized island. This kitchen is so spectacular, it might be hard to leave to view the rest of the home. But please do!


The home also features stunning built-ins, wooden beams, and meticulously crafted crown molding. The master bedroom feels fit for a king or queen, with a tiered ceiling and large ceiling fan that frame the room beautifully. Off the master bedroom is a large en-suite with a soaking tub and separate vanity area. Quite frankly, this bathroom has more room than we’d know what to do with! It’s spa like at its best.


The basement has been fully finished with a good-sized kitchen, including a dishwasher and refrigerator. This level also features an entertainment area with an oversized screen that’s perfect for hosting to watch the big game.


When you’re ready to leave home (if you’re ever ready to leave home), just head outside to your 4-car garage and head to nearby Liberty Center. Or better yet, ditch the keys and go for a walk! Liberty Center is just minutes away by foot.



Interested in either of these homes? Please come by the open houses this weekend! If you can’t make either open house, give us a call and we can see about scheduling a private appointment.


Neither of these homes fit the bill? Give us a call and we’ll have an agent work with you to find another West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale that best meets your needs.

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June 14, 2018

Well Done West Chester Liberty!

How Does Your Neighborhood Stack Up?

Date: June 13, 2018


Related image


We’ve always known that West Chester and Liberty Township are terrific neighborhoods. They have great schools. They’re loaded with great restaurants and retail. And they both offer a true sense of community, a place where singles and families alike can feel right at home. 


But have you ever wondered how these neighborhoods stack up against the others? If you’re shopping for West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale, here’s a bit of comparison for you to show you JUST how great these places are. And you don’t have to take our word for it! Someone else has done the number crunching for us (thank goodness!). uses dozens of public data sets and millions of online reviews to assign grades and rankings to neighborhoods across the country. Researchers look at key aspects of K-12 schools, colleges and other quality of life indicators such as housing prices and local crime rates. We were thrilled—but certainly not surprised—to see West Chester and Liberty Township both get A’s in a number of categories.


Let’s look at West Chester Township first.


West Chester Township - Overall Niche Grade: A+

Public Schools: A Crime & Safety: B

Housing: A- Nightlife: A-

Good for Families: A+ Diversity: A-

Jobs: A- Weather: C+

Cost of Living: B+ Health & Fitness: B-

Outdoor Activities: A- Commute: B+


Not a bad scorecard, especially when you consider that West Chester’s lowest scoring indicator was weather – nothing we can do anything about, unfortunately! And that’s certainly not something that puts West Chester at a disadvantage relative to surrounding communities. We all have similar weather!


Here are a few of the resident reviews for West Chester Township that are cited by


“West Chester is a very family oriented town with plenty of activities to do with family and friends. For example, they just built Liberty Center, which is an outdoor shopping mall with restaurants and a movie theater. West Chester is also just 20 minutes away from King's Island. One of my favorite things about West Chester is how safe I feel when I am there. Crime is not an issue and everybody is very friendly.”


West Chester Township is a great place to live and raise a family. They have one of the best public school systems in the state of Ohio. It's centrally located and easy to get to both the East and West side of Cincinnati. There are so many restaurants, places to shop, such as IKEA, and things to do, such as Top Golf. West Chester also has wonderful parks and activities that are fun for the whole family.

But West Chester has a little bit of competition from Liberty Township, which also ranks incredibly high on the majority of’s indicators.


Liberty Township - Overall Niche Grade: A+

Public Schools: A Crime & Safety: N/A

Housing: A Nightlife: B

Good for Families: A+ Diversity: B

Jobs: A Weather: C+

Cost of Living: B Health & Fitness: B-

Outdoor Activities: A- Commute: B


There wasn’t enough publicly-available data for Niche to assign Liberty Township with a Crime & Safety score, but in our experience, that’s usually a good thing! If there was an abundance of data, that would mean there’s more criminal activity. So rest assured, Liberty Township is also a very safe place to live. Just take a look at what residents have to say:


Liberty Township is an amazing suburb outside of Cincinnati. It offers beautiful parks, great schools and a welcoming atmosphere. Liberty Township is a great place for new families and children and I can't imagine living anywhere else!

I have lived in Liberty Township, Ohio for my entire life and I must say, I love it here. The people that live in the area are always polite, and the diversity of said people is incredible. I have met people that have climbed Mount Everest, nationally ranked Cross-Fit athletes, and doctors known nationwide for oncology. The schools in Liberty Township are outstandingLiberty Township is also a safe area to live; I have never had any problems or concerns regarding my safety. I would feel completely comfortable talking to anyone in my neighborhood, regardless of if I know them or not. I love Liberty Township, and I would gladly continue my life here.

See, people often think West Chester and Liberty Township real estate agents are biased – that we only talk up these neighborhoods to try and sell you homes. So not true! That’s why we love websites like Niche that aggregate others’ feedback. This way you can learn more about these fantastic neighborhoods from neutral bystanders.


If you’ve been considering West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale, give us a call. We’d be happy to introduce you to these fantastic communities. Once you spend a little time here, you’ll see for yourself why there’s so much here to love!

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June 6, 2018

6 Signs That Your Realtor May Be A Little Questionable

6 Signs That You Have a Bad Realtor

Date: June 6, 2018


There are dozens of real estate agents in the West Chester and Liberty Township region – so how do you know if yours is doing a good job?


After all, the last thing you want is to be stick with a self-involved agent that comes off as too busy to care, too arrogant to listen to you, or too eager to coerce you into purchasing a home that isn’t right for you. If your agent seems disorganized, unprofessional, or even just a bit “off,” read on!


Here are six ways to tell if it is time to put your house hunt on hold while you shop for a new West Chester or Liberty Township realtor instead.


  1. Your agent is unresponsive.
    While you shouldn’t expect your agent to be on call 24/7, he or she should at least respond to your calls, emails or text in timely fashion (within a few hours or by the next day, if contacted at night). This is especially important during the early stages of your home search. When you first set out to shop for West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale, you will likely have many questions. Your agent should be responsive.

  2. Your agent isn’t listening.
    The very first meeting with your West Chester or Liberty Township realtor should feel a bit like a counseling session. You should feel confident that your agent is asking all of the right questions, and really listening to your answers. This will tell you if he or she is really along for the ride, or if they’re just paying lip service to you to get you signed on as a new client. Be sure your agent is asking thoughtful questions like: What’s your timeframe to buy or sell? Have you worked with a real estate agent before, and what was that experience like?

  3. Your agent is inexperienced.
    It’s important to find an agent that works on a full-time basis. There are lots of professionals out there who got into real estate as a part-time basis, and those who work a limited schedule are naturally less up to speed on what’s happening in the market. You want to work with someone who has robust knowledge of your local market, local laws, and someone who is committed to the profession beyond just a hobby. You really want to find someone who has made selling real estate their career. Be sure to look at a realtor’s resume. Are the brokers they’ve worked with credible? Get in touch and find out whether they’d hire this agent again. And always, always be sure the agent’s state license is active!

  4. Your agent is unprofessional.
    Is your agent disorganized? Canceling appointments on short notice, or showing up late to those he keeps? If this sounds like your agent, it’s time to find another one! This behavior is unprofessional and sends the wrong message to everyone involved. Another tip-off that your agent is unprofessional: he’s asking you to work directly with his assistant (who may or may not be licensed to sell real estate in West Chester and Liberty Township!). You want to be sure you’re working with the utmost professional when it comes to making such a large financial decision like buying or selling a home.

  5. Your agent makes YOU uncomfortable.
    A good West Chester or Liberty Township real estate agent should be able to put you at ease when buying or selling a home. He’ll prepare you for the process and pay attention to all details along the way. If you find yourself lingering too long at showings, or viewing homes you don’t even like (or don’t fit within your budget or search criteria), you might feel uneasy with your realtor. Another red flag: if your agent is making disparaging remarks about homes (there’s a difference between being rude and offering constructive criticism), or making condescending remarks toward you and putting your ideas down – it’s time to find a new realtor.

  6. Your agent hasn’t done his homework.
    The West Chester and Liberty Township real estate market is as hot as ever, which means buyers are expected to compete for the homes they love. You need to be able to move quickly, and in order to do so, your agent needs to be prepared. He should really know the market you’re interested in buying in. He should know local comps. He should be sure you have your financial ducks in a row so you can line up financing. He should have a roster of home inspectors on call that you can tap into to meet the terms of your offer. If your agent hasn’t done his homework, he won’t be able to help you compete in today’s market. Time to find a new agent.


If any of these tell-tale signs describe your realtor, you might want to consider finding someone else. You’re under no legal obligation to stick with the original agent you’ve hired, particularly if they aren’t performing as promised.


Looking for a new agent? Give us a call. As one of the top real estate agencies serving West Chester and Liberty Township, we have worked with numerous buyers and sellers alike to provide top-notch service for our clients. We’d love to show you what we have to offer!

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June 1, 2018

Thinking New Construction?

Thinking of New Construction? Advice for First-Time Buyers

Date: May 31, 2018


Image result for hiring a home builder


There's a common thread running through current real estate news: there’s a severe inventory shortage, particularly in areas like West Chester and Liberty Township, OH. Homebuilders are taking notice—and taking advantage of demand. We’ve seen a swell of new construction recently.


If you’re considering buying a newly-constructed West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale, here are a few things you’ll want to consider.


Before we get started, know that buying new construction is a “horse of a different color.” In other words, there are a few extra things homebuyers should know prior to signing any purchase and sales agreement on a newly built home.


So what are some of the ways that buying a new construction home is different from buying an existing home?

First, when considering the purchase of a new construction home:


  • Seek the advice and guidance of a Realtor/Agent BEFORE entering into a contract to buy a new construction home; and

  • Consult with a mortgage lender PRIOR to listing your current home for sale. Learn and fully-understand ALL your financing capabilities and options.


Also, expect home builders to REQUIRE a small deposit to hold a lot – at least until a contract can be agreed upon. Be prepared to negotiate your best price first. Then, and only then, discuss home building options, credits and financing. Builders often try to intertwine these discussions, so be clear on each topic.


You will be expected to pay the deposit before any construction begins (typically, 10% of the final negotiated purchase price).


When negotiating the new construction sales prices with the builder, consider the following:


  • How will home features (such as central air, appliances, upgraded flooring, etc.) be handled? Will you have the option to buy those outright at cost, or will the costs be added into the final purchase price? If it’s the former, you could put the costs on your own credit cards or pay cash. If the latter, you’ll be paying interest on them throughout the lifetime of your loan.


You should always compare the financing options presented to you by the builder with those offered by your own mortgage lender. Do this regardless of any “discounts” or special offers connected to the builder’s financing.


Regarding financing terms:


It’s important to understand that financing terms for new construction are different than that for existing homes. Here’s why:


  • For existing homes: contracts for closing are typically written for 30 to 60 day periods.

  • For new construction: timelines generally run from 90 to 180 days (or sometimes more).

  • Interest rate locks: typical interest rate locks run for 60 days, but some lenders offer 90-day rate locks. A smaller number of lenders will offer “extended rate locks” to cover a borrower from “start to finish/closing” on a newly-built home.

Before signing a contract, you should also ask questions and fully educate yourself regarding anticipated real estate taxes on the newly constructed home you’re buying. Start by determining the township the properties lies in, and then contact the local assessor to help you calculate future real estate taxes based on the local mill rate and anticipated home value.


If you are a buyer that currently owns a home, and it’s not yet sold, you will need to consider the following:


  • How will you fund the deposit for the home builder?

  • If your home sells prior to your new construction completion, where will you live or stay while your new home gets built?


Now, let’s talk buyer representation. Many buyers naively believe that they should negotiate directly with the builder instead of hiring their own West Chester or Liberty Township real estate agent. This is a big mistake! You should protect yourself by using the services of a buyer’s agent to assist you throughout the process of buying a newly constructed home.


A buyer’s agent will represent YOUR interests during transactions with a West Chester or Liberty Township homebuilder. The builder’s agent or sales rep represents the interests of the builder.


We also recommend hiring a local real estate attorney to provide further guidance prior to signing a contract, or at a minimum, have a provision in the contract that allows time for an attorney to review the contract (even if you decide not to exercise that option). As one of the top  real estate agencies serving West Chester and Liberty Township, we have a number of real estate attorneys that we can connect you with.


In short, having a contractor design a custom built home or buying new construction in general can be really exciting. But to fully understand if this time of home purchase is a good option for you, we recommend doing some preliminary homework.


For buyers looking in the West Chester and Liberty Township area, please reach out with any questions! We’d be happy to investigate and discuss all of the options available to you and assist you in applying those options moving forward during your home search, financing and purchase.

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