Together, we'll sell your home in no time.


Selling your house is a big undertaking, so I like to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible.

Many people ask me why I decided to sell real estate. Truly, it’s because in most cases, buying a new home is a very exciting time for individuals and families.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being a part of the homebuying and selling process. This job is so rewarding for me that I can never picture myself doing anything else.

Handing over the keys to a first-time home buyer is an amazing feeling. Or, helping an expanding family sell a starter home so they can move into a bigger home is the most gratifying feeling I could ever feel professionally. Real estate is not always easy, but it’s always rewarding. I handle the stresses of the transaction so clients can enjoy the exciting parts of the home-buying process. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your homeownership adventure.

The Top Things You Need to Know Before Selling Your House

  1. What's the fair market value? Before you even consider selling your house, it's incredibly important that you find out how much your home is worth compared to similar houses in the area. I'm happy to provide an analysis for you, free of charge, regardless of whether you decide to list your house with me. 
  2. Find out who your target market is. Who do you think is likely to buy your home: a young family, empty nesters, retirees, etc.? Once you decide which type of buyer is most likely attracted to your home, it makes it much easier to determine what repairs to make and what amenities to potentially add before putting it on the market. 
  3. How is the real estate market right now? Your realtor can tell you how quickly homes are selling, particularly homes like yours and in your neighborhood. We will do a complete market analysis to assist you in the selling of your home in a timely manner while maximizing your selling price.
  4. Decide what repairs and upgrades to make. Based on your target market as well as your goals, we'll map out a plan to minimize your improvements budget and to maximize your profits. Sometimes, a thorough deep-cleaning can take a home from good to great. In other situations, to compete with other properties, some additional upgrades may be needed. No matter what, you can count on us to recommend the improvements that will give you the greatest return on your investment.
  5. Decide when you want to sell. If you need to relocate for a job, then you likely need to sell right away. However, if you have the ability to choose your timing, it's much better to list your house during warmer weather (spring/summer). Believe it or not, weather is a major factor when it comes to home values. Typically, your house will be perceived to be more valuable on pleasant, sunny days than on cloudy days. Plus, buyers are more wiling to tour homes on sunny days than on rainy or snowy days. 


Why Sell with an Agent?

I can't tell you how many times I've worked with people who originally tried to sell their house FSBO (for sale by owner). Every time that happens, my clients tell me the same thing: they wished they hadn't gone through the hassle of doing it themselves. Here's why:

  • Exposure. An agent ensures your home gets seen by hundreds of agents across Cincinnati and placed on dozens of websites. We can get you instant exposure that's tough to obtain on your own.
  • Staging advice. Since agents sell homes day in and day out, we know what's going to appeal to your target buyer. We can save sellers time and money by honing in on what's most important in the staging process.
  • Higher offers. Agents have access to a wealth of information that enables us to recommend an asking price that is both competitive and reasonable. As a result, you will most likely receive competitive offers quicker. In fact, agents typically get asking prices that are 10% higher than when sellers go it alone. And, by doing so, your house will sell faster and you'll spend less time keeping your house clean. More money + less hassle = huge win.
  • Negotiate inspection results. Agents can determine which repairs are necessary and reasonable. They can also refer you to trustworthy vendors who can complete the repairs at a fair price.

Let's get the most value for your home! Call me at (513) 262-6159, and we'll start the process.