My boyfriend and I decided this year to buy our first home. I know several Real Estate agents and didn’t hesitate to ask Mike to help us. From day one of our search to the day we closed on our purchase, Mike was; professional, open to ALL of our questions, understanding, patient, and knowledgeable.

My boyfriend and I looked at several different homes. Whenever we wanted to see a home Mike would drop what he was doing to ensure that we could see the home when WE were available. It was refreshing to work with someone that didn’t make us work around their schedule.

Mike truly went above and beyond for us. Here is just one example of that:

Due to technology issues, Mike had problems gaining access to one of the homes that we wanted to look at. Instead of giving up and making us come back another day, Mike called and left messages for the Listing Agent until we could get in the home. It took about an hour, but we were finally able to see it. I felt bad and thought he would be upset with us because we didn’t want to come back to the property and really wanted to see it that night. But instead, Mike was completely apologetic to us and felt bad that the technology wasn’t working. We then realized that Mike would do anything for us to ensure that we got into our perfect home.

Mike always encouraged us to move forward when our offers were rejected on a homes that we didn’t get. He never wavered from believing that we would find the home we were supposed to be in and we did. Not only did he find our perfect home in the best location, but he negotiated so well that the home appraised for more than what we bought the home for. We are amazed that he got us such a good deal in a Seller’s market.

I have recommended Mike to several friends and family and will continue to do so for a long time

-A satisfied client

Franklin and I are first-time homebuyers, and the process seemed daunting to us in the beginning! After deciding to work with Mike as our realtor, we were able to get focused. We searched for our house at a particularly competitive time on the market, and we were lucky that Mike was so committed to us. He was willing to meet us at any crazy time of the day or however last-minute of notice, to allow us to get in to see a house. We felt like he really prioritized us- and we assume that he makes all of his clients feel that way. Mikewas able to answer our questions and we were confident in his guidance. Mike helped us to secure our first home and he shared in our excitement when our offer was accepted.

-Caitlin E. Naples

I was referred to Mike by a co-worker and couldn't be more pleased with how the process went, especially as a first time home buyer. We met back in February to begin searching. He was great working with my difficult work schedule and kept my best interests in mind. Mike always welcomed family and friends to the showings and was very hands off. We were able to look around the house at our own pace and discover the pros and cons ourselves. By April, I had made an offer on the perfect home. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and easy to work with realtor. Mike found me a house I'll be in for many years to come. I will definitely be calling Mike when shopping for house number two down the road.

-Samuel D. Rose

In the beginning of my experience, I was unsure of what path I could take because I was in a unique situation. At the time I was living in a house going through foreclosure. My name was on the Deed to the home but not on the mortgage. I knew I had to move and wanted to move to Ohio from Kentucky. When I first contacted Mike about renting or owning a home, he hit the ground running. He hadn’t had much experience with my particular situation but he found the answers I needed and got me in contact with a mortgage lender that he knew would be able to help me. I found out I could purchase a home instead of renting within days of contacting Mike. If he doesn’t know the answer, he will find out. There were multiple obstacles throughout the lending process and Mike was there every step of the way. As I found out quickly, buying a home is very stressful. He eased my mind with every thing that came up. He was there to answer my questions around the clock. He made that clear as we were searching for the perfect home, that I could contact him at any time. He opened his schedule so that we could go looking evenings and weekends because that was the only time I had available. I was on a deadline to get out of my current home at the time. He was very aware of that and helped me find the perfect home in a timely manner.

We were about to close on the home and just days prior to the closing, the lenders realized the appraisal was valued less than the purchase price. Therefore, I could not move forward with the purchase unless I came up with more money that I didn’t have. Mike worked quickly, as he believed the appraised value was incorrect. He spent days doing research on comparable homes and other values affecting the appraisal. He submitted his report to the appraiser. Though it was denied, Mike was able to work well with the seller’s Realtor to compromise on price and we were able to work out a deal that worked for everyone involved.  He made the experience seamless even though below the surface, there were obstacles. He was able to fix each one with minimal stress and work on my end. I was very inexperienced with buying a home. Though he made it clear, it was my decision regarding the price but he gave knowledgeable recommendations on where we should start with our offer. I valued his opinion and he was so easy to work with. He tailored his work to fit what I needed as a new home buyer. His flexibility helped me feel confident in the decisions we were making.

Through Mike’s hard work, knowledge and compassion, I was able to purchase my dream home. I have recommended his services to all of my friends and family who are either buying or selling their home. I have no doubt that Mike Weghorst has the knowledge, resources and work ethic that it takes to provide the best home buying experience to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, no matter their level of experience. From first time home buyers to experienced owners, Mike shows that he cares, will work hard and will minimize the stress buying and selling a home may bring. 

-Megan Gallo

Mike helped us buy our first house, and he couldn't have made the process more enjoyable.  He didn't pressure us or try and sell us on a house we didn't like.  He simply did his best to make sure we ran into no issues during the buying process and any issues we did run into he took upon himself to fix.  With Mikes help we found our dream home and couldn't be happier.  I'd recommend Mike to all my family and friends and anyone who wants a real estate agent who's more concerned about doing right by his clients and not about how many houses he can turn over.

-Justin and Angela Wilson