5 Tips to Make Moving a Breeze

Date: March 13, 2019

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So you’ve decided to buy a new West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale. Congrats! But now the panic is starting to set in – it’s time to pack up all your stuff and get ready for the big move!


Moving is a big undertaking, even for the most organized of homeowners and renters. On top of all the purging, packing and loading you have to do at your old place, there are lots of tasks you probably want to complete at your new West Chester or Liberty Township home.


If you’re planning a big move in the near future, use this list to keep things on schedule.


  1. Start by cleaning your NEW place. It sounds counter-intuitive: shouldn’t you focus on cleaning out your OLD place before focusing on the new? But here’s the thing—you don’t want to start moving things from your old home into your new home if you haven’t cleaned the new home from top to bottom already. Moving in and sorting your belongings is hard enough. You don’t want to be dusting and vacuuming on the day of the move too. As soon as you can gain access to your new home, get in there and give it a good scrubbing

  2. Set up utilities ahead of time. It’s going to be pretty tricky to vacuum your new place if you don’t have electricity, isn’t it? Make sure you get your electricity, water, cable and internet set up with local service providers early to avoid moving day hassles.


  1. Plan accordingly for oversized items. Have a piano or large sculpture? How about Aunt Gina’s big hutch and dining room set that you promised to take? Start planning how you’ll transport these items ahead of time. And designate spaces for each piece in your new West Chester or Liberty Township home. This way, whether you’ve hired movers or are moving the pieces yourself, you know directly where the items will go when they arrive. Be sure to measure doorways, too, to ensure you find a pathway into the home that works.

  2. Hang all your window coverings. You don’t need a fully decorated house on day one. But installing blinds and curtains on moving day makes a lot of sense. Why? Well, we’re going to be a bit selfish here: we just don’t like the idea of waking up at sunrise on Day 2 in the new home, especially if there was a long day of moving the day before!

  3. Keep track of your paperwork. Do you know where you’ll keep move-related documents and receipts? They’re easy to lose in the moving-day shuffle. Designate a place for safe keeping in advance so you can track down paperwork in the future. We recommend a secure, easy-to-find place – perhaps store them with your other closing documents.


After that, it’s just time to unload, unpack, and get settled in. Pretty soon, your new West Chester or Liberty Township house will really start to feel like home.


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