Whether You’re Moving or Not, it Could be Time to Purge: 8 Secrets to a Successful West Chester or Liberty Township Yard Sale this Summer


This happens all the time: a homebuyer scours West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale, they fall in love with a property, and then realize they need to start packing up their existing home or apartment. People freak out! Movers, boxes, maybe even a yard sale? It seems daunting!


The good news – you’re not alone! As the top real estate agency in West Chester and Liberty Township, Ohio, we’ve worked with a number of buyers and sellers who needed some advice when cleaning out their home and getting ready for the big move.


If you’re thinking of going the yard sale (or garage sale, or “tag sale” as my grandma would call it!), there are a few things we’ve learned over the years to ensure yard sale success. So without further ado, here are 8 tips to host an incredible West Chester or Liberty Township yard sale.


  1. Team Up with Family and Friends

One way to boost yard sale attendance at your West Chester or Liberty Township, Ohio home for sale is by hosting a mega yard sale with family and friends. Just recently, a friend told me that she and her sisters were going to a yard sale hosted by the local Boy Scouts troop. It was held at a community center and anyone in the neighborhood was welcome to join, as long as a small portion of the proceeds were donated to the troop. I thought this was such a terrific idea! My friend mentioned that it’s a yearly event that she and her sisters have made it a habit to attend. Imagine that? Sometimes, bigger really is better.


  1. When to Schedule
    Timing your West Chester or Liberty Township yard sale is key! Weekends during the summer and early fall tend to be the most popular times to hold a yard sale. Within any given weekend, Friday tends to be a seller’s market because fewer people are out shopping; Saturday tends to be a buyer’s market. You might consider trying to make profits on Friday and then unloading your unwanted items at a discount on Saturday. By Sunday, most tag salers assume the goods are picked over and often pass up stopping by. Lastly, start early! Hard core tag salers will be out in force by 6:30 or 7am.


  2. How to Spread the Word
    Think about your target audience—do you have items that young people would be interested in? Or do you have goods that appeal to an older crowd? If the latter, you’ll want to use traditional advertising through your local newspaper, on West Chester and Liberty Township community boards in grocery stores/libraries/etc., and perhaps an ad on CraigsList. Younger people, though, are best reached through social media and in-person advertising. That’s right…break out your best cardboard boxes (poster board is too flimsy) and throw up signs through the neighborhood! Young people are more likely to make an impulse trip to a yard sale if they pass by a brightly-colored or funny sign that catches their attention.


  3. What You’ll Need

Head to your local West Chester or Liberty Township bank and get plenty of small change – at least $50 worth – in a mix of quarters and dollar bills. Keep all cash in a secure box. You might also consider using a notepad to track sales, particularly if you’re selling items in conjunction with family and friends. This will help you divvy up who’s owed what at the end of the day. Keep a handful of paper or plastic bags (or even cardboard boxes) on hand for people who buy a load of goods. We also recommend setting up a small outdoor stereo to play music. Some light-hearted music puts people at ease while they shop. Just think of your favorite department store as example!


  1. Our Two Cents on Pricing

There are different schools of thoughts when it comes to pricing items. Some urge the West Chester or Liberty Township host to clearly mark each item with its own sticker ahead of the tag sale (e.g. in the week leading up to the sale, or as you set aside items to include in the sale). Others say it’s acceptable to have tables marked with prices so that everything on that table sells for that price. But of course, people pick things up, wander around and sometimes change their mind – so there’s no guarantee that item ends up on its proper table. Our two cents? As West Chester and Liberty Township real estate agents who have worked with many yard salers before their big move: Don’t put price tags on anything. State that all prices are negotiable, and let people come tell you what they’re willing to pay. In our experience, you’ll end up making more money this way!


  1. Keep Fido Inside

If it’s a nice day, it can be especially torturous to keep your furry friends inside the house. But no matter how much you love your pets, not everyone will feel the same way. My cousin had a yard sale a few years back and I wanted to keep their dog outside. He’s the friendliest, most loving pup. He’s also nearly 100 pounds—and for an unsuspecting visitor, he can catch people off guard. We see him wanting to play, but other might feel anxious. It’s best to keep pets inside for the day to eliminate unwanted distractions.


  1. Go Above and Beyond
    One of the things we love about helping people buy real estate in West Chester and Liberty Township is the sense of community we have here. And tag sales are a great way for people to get to know their neighbors and to help others in need. Quick stories for you. During one yard sale, a mom asked the couple moving out of their West Chester home for sale if they could do better on the prices of the boys clothing she was selling. The mom mentioned she was on a tight budget. The couple offered to sell her a grocery store-sized bag of clothes for $5 – anything that could fit in the bag was hers to keep. The mother’s face lit up and she explained that her husband had recently been laid off and they were struggling to buy new clothes for her growing boys. She came back later in the day and asked if she could buy a second bag for $5. They had to scrape together the money, but the family was so grateful for the opportunity to bring another bag of clothes, toys and books home to her boys. The homeowner waived the second $5 fee. That’s what community’s all about. And we see stories like that all the time here in West Chester and Liberty Township!


  2. Commit to Purge

Once you’ve made the decision that you’re willing to get rid of an item, do it! Pending truly remarkable circumstances (e.g. an air conditioner that’s in perfect condition that you think you can sell on CraigsList), if something doesn’t sell by the end of your tag sale then haul it off to a local thrift store or donate to charity. You’ve spent so much time cleaning out your home in preparation for the tag sale—don’t bring those things back in!


Follow these simple steps and you’ll be sure to have a successful day. After a few go-arounds, you’ll be hosting West Chester and Liberty Township yard sales like a well-oiled machine, whether you’re buying or selling a house or not!


Thinking about making a move? Call us! As the top realtors in West Chester and Liberty Township, we’ve worked with a number of buyers and sellers just like yourself. We’d be happy to have a no-obligation chat to learn more about your needs.