Considerations for Repeat Homebuyers

Date: April 3, 2019




We often share tips for first time homebuyers, as these buyers tend to scour the internet looking for trustworthy advice before buying. But we realize there are a lot of people out there shopping for West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale who have done this before. This isn’t their first rodeo. We realize they might be looking for some advice, too.


Just because you’ve bought a West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale before, it doesn’t mean all things will be the same this time around. Every home purchase is different. No matter how experienced you are, it’s important to take the time to understand your goals, the housing market, and the conditions under which you’re buying.


Want your second home purchase (or third, fourth, or fifth!) to go off without a hitch? These tips can help:


Learn the Market


Even if it’s only been a few years since your last purchase, the West Chester and Liberty Township real estate market has probably changed a bit. If you’re new to this area, spend some time understanding the local assets and industry drivers. Learn about home prices in different neighborhoods, as well as how long homes are taking to sell. A West Chester or Liberty Township real estate agent can provide you with this information.


Decide If You’ll Sell


If you’re selling your current home while buying a new one, think about how that will work – both logistically and financially. You might also want to consider including a home sale contingency in any offer to purchase. Again, a West Chester or Liberty Township Realtor can provide you with advice in this regard.


Research the New Location


If you’re moving from out of state, look into the process of buying a home in Ohio before diving in. Each state has different contracts, fees and systems when it comes to buying real estate. Doing research early on can help you better prepare for your upcoming purchase.


Paint the Bigger Picture


Make sure you’ve decided what you’re looking for in a new home. The West Chester and Liberty Township real estate market is incredibly diverse, with housing of all kinds to meet your individual needs. How far are you willing to commute from your new home? Are you looking to downsize into a smaller property? What features of the home can you not live without? Are you expecting to pay more or less than what your current home is worth? Be sure you set a realistic budget that will cover all of your must-have amenities, as this will help steer you in the right direction as you begin scouting out different neighborhoods.


Buying a new home can feel daunting, even for the most experienced real estate buyers. It’s important to find a West Chester or Liberty Township real estate agent that has your back. Interested in talking further? Give us a call today. We’d be happy to have a no-obligation chat to discuss your options moving forward.