How West Chester and Liberty Township Homeowners Can Stay Safe on Halloween Night

Date: October 31, 2018


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Ghosts, ghouls and goblins – beware! Your West Chester and Liberty Township home is ready for any of the scares that might be lurking out there on this Halloween night.


Or at least, it will be, assuming you take a few steps before trick-or-treaters hit the streets tonight.


Here are a few tips for West Chester and Liberty Township homeowners who want to have a safe Halloween night.


  • Do some last minute tidying up of landscaping. Walk your property from the street, just as children will, and pick up any branches or debris that might trip someone up. This will make your West Chester and Liberty Township home safer on Halloween night.

  • Be sure the house is well-lit. Outdoor bulbs should be replaced and lighting should be installed along he most likely traveled path of youngsters. For instance, you may typically enter through the garage or back door. But on Halloween, children are likely to head to the front entrance.

  • Secure loose railings, stairs or stones along walkways. If you’ve ever stumbled over a loose stair or brick at your West Chester or Liberty Township home, just imagine what it will feel like for an excited child fiddling with a costume. Now is a good time to make these small maintenance repairs before children arrive tonight.

  • Lock all doors, garages and gates around the property if you won’t be home. This is a good way to keep unauthorized visitors at bay. This is particularly important if you’ve listed your West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale, and the home is currently vacant.

  • Turn off lights if you won’t be home. This is the easiest way to signal that nobody is handing out candy at your West Chester or Liberty Township house this year.

  • Keep pets inside. While it’s tempting to have Fido join you on the front porch while you hand out candy, some children are easily scared by animals. And vice versa – even the friendliest animals can become skittish around children in costumes. Keep everyone safe by keeping pets inside for the night.

  • Focus on fire safety. Avoid placing lit candles and jack-o-lanterns on doorsteps and walkways where costumes could brush up against them and cause burns or fire. The last thing you need is a fire, especially if you’re planning to list your West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale!

  • Only hand out candy that is packaged and wrapped. OK – so this has less to do with property safety, but it’s an important safety tip for West Chester and Liberty Township homeowners on Halloween night nonetheless. 😊


Tomorrow, after the pirates and ballerinas have retired for the season, do a clean-sweep of your West Chester or Liberty Township house and surrounding property. Pick up any candy, wrappers or other items that were dropped by trick-or-treaters. Repair any accidental damage. And start putting away Halloween decorations.


These simple tips will ensure everyone stays safe on Halloween night. It’s not too late to take a few preventative measures. Get started today!


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