How to Make a “Healthy Home” Before Selling

Date: September 26, 2018


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In real estate, one of the more popular industry adages is location, location, location. Granted, whether buying or selling West Chester and Liberty Township property, location can have a huge impact on real estate movement. But, is that all there is to consider when selling a house? Absolutely not.


There are oodles of obvious factors to address when selling a house. Factors like, structural integrity, curb appeal and neighborhood amenities are only the beginning of selling a house quickly and efficiently. When selling a house, it isn't unusual to address specifics that the eye is easily directed to. Beautiful architectural features, lovely appliances and great layouts certainly remain important qualities to appreciate.


Yet there is another side to selling West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale successfully.

Another side covertly presenting sneakier, silent issues that may often be overlooked. These issues address matters of a healthy home.


For example, when was the last time the central air-conditioning unit, vents and ducts were thoroughly cleaned? Chances are, buyers may not look that closely at this particular detail. But the home will disclose its mustiness and dustiness to the nose, not to mention the house inspector.


Selling a Healthier Home


Sellers, if you make a point to provide specific details on how much cleaner and healthier your home is for selling, prospective buyers linger longer to hear more. As insignificant or trendy a healthier home may sound, cleanliness actually sells. And sells quickly!


Widening the buyer's market for families with health conditions, concerns or preferences adds another impressive layer to your home-selling strategy. It may even increase the value of your West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale in the long run if routine cleanings have been maintained prior to selling. It's not just about adding a fresh coat of paint any more to obtain the highest price points.


Reasons to Present a Healthy Home When Selling


Focusing on filth isn't really a great experience for anyone. Here are a few reasons why someone needs to do it when selling a filthy home.


  • Musty odors actually cling to clothes, inside nose and in hair.

  • Dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, spiders and other pesky nuisances can be transported from its environment to people, walking out the door to other cars and homes.

  • Germs brought in from the outside from shoes and pets cling to floors.


Good West Chester and Liberty Township real estate agents will suggest that taking simple steps to eradicate potential health issues such as these will assure more of a confident selling position. After all, filth doesn't bring home the bacon.


Where to Start


To achieve the cleanest selling points, organize a written plan to hit as many indoor cleaning highlights as possible, from top to bottom. This includes ceilings, inside walls, closets, utilities and appliances, A/C and heating units, and attics. Begin noting what can be seen on routine surfaces because they are the areas you see first. Consider NOT cleaning routine surfaces until other hidden cleaning areas are dealt with first. For example, mold in or on walls should go – right away!


Other Cleaning Considerations


When selling a home, cleanliness carries a lot of weight. To some it means clearing the way of germs and bacteria. For others it means disposing unwanted items that may become a health hazard. Being human is a well-intended, yet often dirty job. There is life to live, families to care for and overall maintenance jobs to help lives run more smoothly. Rarely are these jobs easy or particularly clean jobs.


Face it. Life gets dirty. That means any dirty clothes, dirty or used carpets, furniture or other household items left behind should be included as items to either remove or sanitize.


Healthier Home on the Outside


Believe it or not, a house's curb appeal and health levels will also increase by cleaning out debris, mold and mildew from gardens, sheds and cushions. Keeping mold at bay can be challenging. Mold is also an added health concern, especially in humid locations. But working to reduce mold spore counts by examining regular lawn care tactics can help. Routine lawn and yard care can also reduce excess dust, dirt and grime inside and out.


Once general measures are taken to clean, sanitize and organize a healthier home, sweeten the selling deal by bringing in freshly baked cookies or subtle vanilla candles to complement the buyer's interest in the home. To a buyer, the perfect home means walking into a spotless, uncluttered and fresh-smelling purchasing potential. These healthier selling points are not only desirable to witness. They are also incredibly strong psychological dynamics that work.


Interested in learning more about how to make your home a “healthy home?” Or maybe you’re in the market and need help finding a healthy home! Whatever the case may be, feel free to give us a call.


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