Reality Check! 9 Myths that Sellers Need Busted

Date: October 3, 2018

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There’s a common pitfall we find when people get ready to list their West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale. They think they have all the answers and can sell their house on their own. What value could a real estate agent possibly add, they wonder?


Professional real estate agents have multiple jobs – one of the most important being the reality check they give sellers.


Here are some of the myths that West Chester and Liberty Township sellers need busted to get them moving toward the closing table to complete a successful sale.


  1. The seller thinks it is easy to sell a home, especially with the power of the Internet at his fingertips.

Not true. See, buyers may start search for West Chester and Liberty Township homes for sale online – but at the end of the day, most want a real estate agent on their side. West Chester and Liberty Township real estate agents are equipped to mine the listings for properties that best meet their clients’ needs. And, they have access to a nationwide database known as MLS, which provides much more detailed information about properties for sale. People trying to sell on their own don’t have the same advantage as those working with an agent.


  1. The seller thinks his home sells itself – the agent doesn’t put in any work!

    This is so far from the truth. A qualified West Chester or Liberty Township real estate agents starts the work before the home goes on the market, gathering data and guiding a seller. Once listed, the marketing begins in a big way with lots of components. An agent gets buyers in the door gets buyers to make great offers. Then the agent helps with negotiating from the offer stage through the inspection stage and finally arriving at the closing table and reaching success.


  2. The seller thinks his house must be worth more than a similarly sized home down the street.


This is not necessarily true. There are so many factors that influence what a property is worth. The seller’s home could actually be worth less depending on condition, improvements and actual square footage and location within the West Chester or Liberty Township subdivision.


  1. The seller thinks a buyer will be willing to overlook clutter and dirt.


We touched upon this a bit last week. A clean home is a healthy home, and people want healthy homes! But it’s worth reiterating again here. Some buyers are fine taking on a fixer-upper, but if you’re looking to get top dollar for your West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale, you’ll need to get it in tip-top shape. Cleaning and decluttering are imperative.


  1. The seller assumes he can get well above asking price because the West Chester and Liberty Township real estate markets are so hot.

You know what they say about people who assume… ! The market may be hot, but buyers are savvy and do their homework. Many will not waste their time looking at homes that are overpriced. This sends a message that the seller is unrealistic.

  1. The seller thinks the buyer will appreciate all the bright colors and very custom decor costing thousands of dollars. 


The fact is most buyers like decor to be tasteful and not too far off the beaten path. They certainly do not want to pay extra for extreme customization and will do mental deductions in price to get it back into the normal category.


  1. The seller expects to get all the money he paid for and what he has invested in the property back in his pocket when he sells. 


Reality check: what the seller has invested has nothing to do with market value and what a buyer is willing to pay.


  1. The seller thinks he can limit showing hours to very small pockets of time. 


Not a good idea. The more available a home is the more buyers in the door. When you limit that, you throw up roadblocks and turn buyers and agents off.


  1. The seller thinks once they get a contract it is a done deal. 


What many sellers don’t realize is that a contract is just one step in the process. Other hurdles need to be overcome, like the buyers obtaining financing and the home passing inspection. There are many reasons a sale can fall through. It isn't sold until the money crosses the closing table and all documents are signed.


If you’re thinking of selling your West Chester or Liberty Township home, don’t fall for these common pitfalls! Work with an experienced Butler County real estate agent who can guide you through the process. Interested in learning more? Give us a call today!