Should I Bring My Kids to Open Houses?

Date: January 16, 2019



One of the many reasons people love West Chester and Liberty Township is because they’re super family-friendly communities. That leads a lot of homebuyers with kids looking for local homes for sale. As a result, one question we frequently get is whether or not buyers should bring their kids to real estate open houses. After all, if the children are going to be spending a bulk of their formative years in the next house, shouldn’t they be a part of the process?


Here’s our take.


Common reasons people bring their kids to West Chester and Liberty Township open houses:


  1. “There are two of us and only one of them.” This is one way many parents justify their kid tagging along to an open house. One parent can tour the property while the other focuses on junior. Easy enough, right?

    Not so fast. Kids tend to cling to one parent over the other. This means one parent is actively engaged in house hunting while the other is babysitting.


  2. “Baby sitters are expensive.” Indeed, they are! We won’t argue with that point. And when you’re already shelling out thousands of dollars on a West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale, who wants to spend another $30 or $50 on a babysitter for a couple of hours worth of work?

    But consider for a moment that a house represents the largest single investment that most Americans will make. Suddenly that $50 seems cheap given the importance of the house hunting process.


  3. “My kids love watching HGTV so I bet they’d love house hunting!” Believe it or not, house hunting can be draining. Thirsty, hungry or bored children can get grumpy in a hurry. And trust me, when a kid is done looking at house, they are done. And as a result, so are we….

  4. “The big kids will watch the little ones.” This always seems to work great in theory – but in practice? Not so much. I’ve seen so many kids pile out of a minivan that it looked like a platoon of soldiers disembarking from a C-17. The older children want to be looking at the house with their parents, not making sure the iPad is charged and Dora is streaming.


Buying a West Chester or Liberty Township home for sale can be a fun process for all members of the family. But in our opinion, the best bet is to leave the kids with a friend or family member while you begin the house hunting search.


That isn’t to say that the kids shouldn’t tour the home at some point.


Most buyers will tour a property 2-3 times before closing. Once you’ve honed in on a property or two you really like, then consider letting the kids tag along and weigh in as appropriate. Another great time to bring the little ones is the final walk through. This will build excitement as the process unfolds. If you let them come along from the get-go, you could end up frustrated with the entire home buying experience.


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