Long Day of Open Houses? Unwind at West Chester Landmark, Adjacent Park this Weekend

Date: June 15, 2017


Nowadays we’re inundated with news. It seems like even if you want to tune out, it’s impossible! Breaking news alerts pop up on our desktops, come directly to our mobile phones, and scroll at the bottom of our favorite TV programs.


That wasn’t always the case. In the first half of the 20th century, people relied on radio broadcasts to stay up to date on what was happening around the world. The radio was particularly important for sharing information heading into World War II.


But did you know that Butler County was a hub for radio broadcasts back in the day? In 1944, the U.S. Government opened the Bethany Relay Station in West Chester, OH. The Office of War Information began broadcasting from here in July of that year, and continued until being taken over by the U.S. Information Agency which broadcast from there until November 1963.

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Eventually, the Voice of America (VOA) assumed direct control of the broadcasting facility. VOA, a government-funded multimedia news source, provided radio, television and Internet programming out of this location until being closed in 1994.


The building had such incredible history that stakeholders fought to save the property and turn it into a museum. Today, the National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting is a local landmark that draws visitors all year long.


Anyone who’s strolling through this weekend to tour West Chester or Liberty Township, OH homes for sale should check out the museum. The museum is open on the third Saturday of every month from 1:00 to 4:00pm and you can actually go in and see some of the old transmitters that were used in the WWII-era.


Say you’re a buyer looking for West Chester or Liberty Township homes for sale this Sunday—well, you’re still in luck! Even if you can’t get into the museum, there’s plenty to do at the Voice of America campus. Although the VOA retained the building, it turned most of the property’s land over to the county and township to be used as a park. The resulting 435-acre Voice of America Metropark is loaded with amenities that will keep you and the family busy for hours!

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After you tour West Chester or Liberty Township houses for sale, head over to the VOA Metropark to take a stroll along 9 miles of paved and natural trails, or take a canoe for a spin on the park’s 35-acre lake. Kids will have a blast at the playground. Have your furry four-legged friend with you to tour West Chester and Liberty Township real estate this weekend? Perfect! He’ll have a field day at the on-site dog park!


For just $5 per vehicle (West Chester guests enter free), visitors can fish, boat, walk, jog, or just sit and enjoy the view. WiFi is available to park guests so you can shoot off updates to your friends, family and mortgage broker about the West Chester and Liberty Township real estate you toured earlier in the day.



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