Beyond the Basics: The West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance Enhances so Many Aspects of Our Lives

When people are looking for homes for sale in West Chester or Liberty Township, OH they often ask me what it is that I love about this area so much. I usually scratch my head for a moment or two while I try and wrangle my thoughts and figure out where to begin. From the great dining and excellent parks, to sense of community and unparalleled schools – there’s just so much to choose from. As I was thinking about it the other day, I realized that one of the community’s best assets too often falls under the radar: The West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance.


Wait! Don’t go anywhere just yet!


Your gut reaction might be to stop reading right here and now. A Chamber of Commerce really adds something to the community? Yah, right!


I can see why you’d think that. Many chambers of commerce around the Cincinnati area are more like an old-school boys club that’s only open to realtors, bankers and finance executives, But the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance is unlike any we’ve seen before.


The West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance isn’t some in-name-only organization. In fact, its staff works tirelessly to promote, participate and invest in all aspects of West Chester and Liberty Township. As the fourth largest chamber in the Cincinnati region, the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance actually holds a tremendous deal of clout, and uses that clout to launch new initiatives and move projects along for the good of the community.


More than 700 members are a part of the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance. Members, through “Ambassadors” who volunteer to spearhead projects and keep others engaged, helps plan educational forums, special events, member benefit programs,  and networking opportunities. The Chamber also offers leadership development, and is so deeply engrained in the surrounding communities that regional cooperation is always at the forefront of everything the Chamber does.


The Chamber also teams up with local West Chester and Liberty Township businesses to ensure locally-based business owners have access to the skill training they need to grow and scale their businesses. The Chamber has before but we’ll reiterate it again: people want to live in communities that offer a unique sense of place. Supporting small, locally-owned businesses is a key feature of the services the Chamber offers, and these efforts have proved critical in keeping and growing businesses in West Chester and Liberty Township as new residential development takes root.


Every month, the Chamber hosts breakfasts and networking events to bring entrepreneurs together to share their shared struggles—leaning from one another but also commiserating together over the grueling pace entrepreneurs must keep up with. Chamber members also have private access to other small business solutions, such as being paired with a Chamber Advisor or accessing the Chamber’s member discounts for healthcare insurance.


Actually, members of the Chamber have a whole host of discounts available to them. Members can get things like 25% off from Constant Contact or Office Depot. You know, the things people need to run their West Chester and Liberty Township businesses efficiently.


The Chamber isn’t just focused on businesses, though. This is a real departure from the business-as-usual approach we’ve seen happen elsewhere. Instead, the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance has found creative ways to engage stakeholders who typically won’t spend the time going to planning and zoning meetings. That’s why the Chamber has been dedicated to NEXT (Networking, Education eXelling and Transforming), a Chamber subcommittee that targets young professionals aged 21-40 as a way of getting them more involved in community activities. The Chamber hosts lunch and learns, team building activities, “night of networking” social events and engages in philanthropic volunteering. When it comes to NEXT, there’s never a dull moment!


But what I love the most about the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance is the organization’s sense of community. The Chamber is known for rallying its members to support good causes. For instance, just a few months ago, Chamber member Continental Roof Company was tapped to help with projects for the Butler County’s Board of Development Disabilities and for the Dragonfly Foundation.


When someone does something noteworthy, the Chamber is quick to honor them. Next month, the Chamber will be giving its “Everest Award” to John Boehner, former Speaker of the House of Representatives and West Chester resident; to Jenell Ross, President of Bob Ross Auto Group; and Jill Wilson, CEO and President of Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices. The annual award is given out to a handful of leaders within the community who have had a significant impact on the quality of life for those living along the I-75 Growth Corridor in West Chester and Liberty Township.


All of these seemingly little things add up to make a huge difference here in our area. The Chamber really “gets it” when it comes to enhancing local businesses and adding to the vibrancy of our community. And without of doubt, these efforts have influenced the strength of the real estate market. More frequently than ever, people are asking me about homes for sale in West Chester and Liberty Township. Buyers are increasingly eager to join the close-knit community that the Chamber has cultivated.


The efforts of the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliances are sometimes overlooked. Let’s change that and give this group of local leaders the respect it deserves for constantly finding new ways to get us excited about all that West Chester and Liberty Township has to offer.


Reach out to me if you’d like to tag along to the next Chamber event. I’d be happy to bring you along as my guest and introduce you to others who have made West Chester and Liberty Center their permanent home.